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Themes based on the usage
Can be good for corporate site’s design portum metro-creativex listify quotesin codilight-lite
Class not found error in laravel for 3rd party library
If you encounter the error like Class 'Hikarine3\CommonWebFunction' not found you should type composer dumpautoload and should check [...]
How to develop Ionic 4 app
npm install -g ionic; npm install -g ios-sim; npm install -g ios-deploy; gem install cocoapods PJ=skensakuIonic;; mkdir $PJ; cd $PJ; [...]
How to migrate from bitbucket (or other git) to github
Create Private repository from web screen of 2. Move to the repository where you are working and type following command If your removed files [...]
Use Lumen for API
DB structure of booking calendar (multi user version)
Tables bdrbooking CREATE TABLE `bdrbooking` ( `booking_id` bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `trash` bigint(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `sync_gid` [...]
DB structure of WP Job Manager
What is this plugin? Manage job listings from the WordPress admin panel, and allow users to post jobs directly to your site. DB structure Added data to [...]
DB structure of woocommerce
Tables of woocommerce wc_download_log CREATE TABLE `wc_download_log` ( `download_log_id` bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `timestamp` datetime [...]
DB structure of wordpress core
Purpose of this document Show initial status of wordpress core’s database structure Tables commentmeta CREATE TABLE `commentmeta` ( `meta_id` [...]
DB structure of Listify
Added data to options | 297 | template_root | /themes | yes | | 298 | stylesheet_root | /themes | yes | | 299 | current_theme | Listify Child | yes | | 300 [...]