Router 53

Troubleshooting when you encounter domain transfer problem

If you encounter the following message when you try to do domain transfer, Check ‘s domain status

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Change log in page of wordpress

For this purpose, I use Login rebuilder. Install plugin, go to the setting page of the plugin, follow the instruction to create new log in file. You have to be careful about the file can be removed if you user composer update to update wordpress core. After the preparation of the file, in setting page, choose working instead of preparation. logging should be on, too. Access to author page should be 404 status

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How to create firebase’s web site


Add functions

Worked rule memo


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How to allow multiple origin domains for Access-Control-Allow-Origin

Purpose of this document You want to allow multiple origins for CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing). Setting

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Digital marketing SEO

Content marketing procedure for SEO from the info of DeNA’s issue

Purpose of the document Japanese company DeNA made trouble for providing the articles whose content’s quality is not good. But in terms of web media management, there are interesting information. So I summarize the procedure of their creation of articles. Most noticeable point of their SEO method is creating massive articles for the targeted word covering considerable related words combination making use of keyword suggestion tools and so on. Procedure of creating articles Set goal – Sell product? – Pass traffic to seller sites? – Make them subscribe to…

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How to add user to linux with root privilege

Purpose of this document Show how to add a user to linux system and enable the user to become root Procedure Become root user or execute following command with sudo $COMMAND


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How to implement push notification for browser

Purpose of this document Push notification is one of the method of digital marketing for stocking users. I will show you how to do it Services which I used for implementing push notification I am using In the case of wordpress, there is plugin but it didn’t work well. So I used code which is provided for normal site. And it can be safest avoiding additional issues on top of application itself. How to customize provided default code Setting which can be done from web admin screen On: Hide…

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