IT Specialties

SpecialtyLevelWant to go further?Services which I used forNote
Search Engine EngineerAdvancedYes
and so on
SEOAdvancedYesAll web sitesMaking use of the experience as search engine engineer and web master
WebmasterAdvancedYesAll web sites and a port of web sites for work


CertificateWhen I gotNote
AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Level 2016In English
Professional Scrum Master (PSM I) Certification 2016In English
TOEIC 9052003
Software developer class grade 1 (National IT certificate)2002In Japanese
Software developer class grade 2 (National IT certificate)1998In Japanese


ProgrammingLevelWant to go further?Services which I used
Node.js (JavaScript)IntermediateYes
PHPIntermediateYesFor working companies (many projects)
PyhonIntermediateYesFor working companies (mostly for offline scripting)
ShellBasicNoFor offline scripting for many projects


DBLevelWant to go further?Services which I used 
Berkeley DBAdvancedNo
MemcacheIntermediateNoFor work
MySQL (MariaDB)IntermediateYesFor work
PostgreSQLBasicNoFor work
SybaseBasicNoFor work
MS SQLBasicNoFor work
OracleBasicNoFor work

Marketing & Analytics

ToolLevelWant to go further?Services for which I used 
AWS QuicksightBasicNoFor work
AWS SESIntermediateNoFor work and for private
Criteo AdBasicNoFor work
EloquaBasicNoFor work
Google AdwordsAdavncedYesFor work and for private
Google AnalyticsAdvancedYesFor all web services
Google App ScriptIntermediateNoFor work and for private
Google DatastudioAdvancedYesFor all web services
Google Dispay AdBasicNoFor work
Google Search consoleAdvancedYesFor all web services
LuckyorangeBasicYesFor work
OmnitureBasicNoFor work
PtengineBasicNoFor work
SendgridBasicYesFor work
UserInsightIntermediateYesFor work
Yahoo Display AdBasicNoFor work
Yahoo ListingsAdvancedYesFor work
Facebook AdIntermediateYesFor work and for private