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Apache PHP security
Summarize the setting for security for apache /etc/httpd.conf ServerSignature Off ServerTokens Prod /etc/php.ini expose_php = off
How to use EFS
Just example sudo yum install -y amazon-efs-utils sudo mount -t efs -o tls fs-bfdd2ef7:/ /mnt/efs vi /etc/fstab fs-bfdd2ef7 /mnt/efs efs defaults,_netdev 0 [...]
Create Jenkins for deployment
Installation from shell sudo rpm — import sudo wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/jenkins.repo [...]
Initiate laravel
Preparation vi /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf AllowOverride for mod_rewrite Change from to Install Disable SELinux Become root Install Laravel through composer [...]
How to get actual user’s IP behind ELB in REMOTE_ADDR
yes | yum install httpd24-devel; git clone; cd mod_extract_forwarded_for_2.4; apxs -c -i [...]
How to prepare many emails for testing using SES
When you use AWS SES, you can make use of emails for testing purpose. For [...]
How to deal with bounce email in AWS
1) Create SNS’s topic for bounce mail 2) Go to SES and select the topic for getting bounce You have to choose sender email, not domain. 3) Subscribe [...]
List of really useful wordpress plugins
Purpose of this document WordPress is competitive compared to other CMS due to the variety of the available plugins. I will introduce you some of useful [...]
Find your best VPS based on unixbench, cost and functions
You can see values and sort them based on the values at
Best usage of Hubstaff for self usage is time management service for remote work. But if you use for solo usage, it can be used for free, which is good for a solo worker. [...]