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How to implement push notification for browser
Purpose of this document Push notification is one of the method of digital marketing for stocking users. I will show you how to do it Services which I used [...]
How to disable wordpress original comment function and add FB comment function
Purpose of this document For making use of static page hosting for wordpress, we have to disable wordpress original comment function and have to add [...]
How to create multiple wordpress environment on your local PC using docker
Purpose of this document If you want to run multiple media using wordpress and if you want to use static hosting service like netlify, then you have to run [...]
How to upload wordpress’s content to netlify (Free static content hosting service)
Purpose of this document WordPress plugin like WP Static HTML Output supports exporting wordpress’s content to Netlify but it is buggy. So instead of [...]
How to use .env file for credential in Python
Purpose of this document Show how to use .env file for storing environment value. Using .env to store credential info and not registering credential in [...]
Create virtual environment for python
Install latest python sudo yum install python36* Create env for you python36 -mvenv venv; Change env source ~/venv/bin/activate; To apply automatically, [...]
How to install wordpress from zero on CentOS using only 1 instance
This is for saving money and not for massive production usage. If you are considering to server the service with real production quality, you have to [...]
Change timezone of AWS Linux
sudo yum erase ntp*; sudo yum install chrony; sudo service chronyd start; sudo chkconfig chronyd on; chronyc sources -v; chronyc tracking; vi [...]
How to update to meteor to 1.7
meteor update --release meteor npm install @babel/runtime@latest meteor npm install meteor-node-stubs@latest
How to implement free SSL certificate using Letsencrypt and how to update using cron
Reference Install wget; chmod a+x certbot-auto; mv ./certbot-auto /usr/local/bin/; certbot-auto [...]