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Comparison of wordpress’s booking plugin
How to select best booking system for you? First you have to find what are mandatory functions for you and have to check whether the plugin has the [...]
Troubleshooting when you encounter domain transfer problem
If you encounter the following message when you try to do domain transfer, ... cannot be transferred to Route 53 Reason: Your current registrar is [...]
Change log in page of wordpress
For this purpose, I use Login rebuilder. Install plugin, go to the setting page of the plugin, follow the [...]
How to create firebase’s web site
Hosting npm install -g firebase-tools; mkdir -p skensaku/public_html; cd skensaku/public_html; firebase login; firebase init; firebase deploy; Use [...]
Realize best working environment
Necessary 5 elements for start up business Concentration Danshari Stand up desk Consideration Study Business relation Internal Family Outside Amount [...]
How to allow multiple origin domains for Access-Control-Allow-Origin
Purpose of this document You want to allow multiple origins for CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing). Setting SetEnvIf Origin [...]
Product launch marketing
Concept of putting sales point at the end of separated communication Reference:
How to unlimit page size of Mongodb’s result on mongoshell
Type DBQuery.shellBatchSize = 9999999999999; and execute query.
Content marketing procedure for SEO from the info of DeNA’s issue
Purpose of the document Japanese company DeNA made trouble for providing the articles whose content’s quality is not good. [...]
How to add user to linux with root privilege
Purpose of this document Show how to add a user to linux system and enable the user to become root Procedure Become root user or execute following command [...]