Comparison of wordpress’s booking plugin

2018-11-16 - Plugin, Wordpress

How to select best booking system for you?

First you have to find what are mandatory functions for you and have to check whether the plugin has the function or not.

For me, following functions are mandatory.

– Insert booking from product page
– 1 booking resource behind plans
– Multi user functions
– Hourly base management
– Integration with payment
– Difference price based on date
– Integration with stripe
– Multi language function

x: wp-simple-booking-calendar

WP Simple Booking Calendar

Last updated: 3 months ago
Active installations: 10,000+
Review: 5 stars


– Create one calendar
– Simple user-friendly interface
– Displays availability
– Language translation options using PO files


– Create an unlimited number of booking calendars
– Display multiple months
– Edit multiple dates with one click
– Display a legend near the calendar
– Create your own legend (apply your own colors and languages)
– Change the first day of the week
– Change the start month/year
– Add and save booking information for each day on each of your booking calendars
o User management: assign specific users to specific calendars
– Display a tooltip with info (you can enter info for each day)
– Show the week’s number (from 1 to 52)
– Hide booking history from your visitors
o Enjoy a variety of language preferences that are simple to use and display
o Generate a shortcode to display the booking calendar on a page or post
– WP Simple Booking Calendar Widget (booking calendar as a widget)
o Sync (export) your calendars to Airbnb, FlipKey and other VR sites (using iCal feeds)
– Responsive calendar themes
– Multiple calendar overview
– Backup/restore calendars and data
– Highlight the current day
– WordPress multisite (network) support
– Professional support

x: easy-appointments

Easy appointments

Last updated: 3 weeks ago
Active installations: 10,000+
Stars: 4.5

Bad review
I like this plugin. But this plugin run very very slowly.
Can author fix it?

o: booking

Booking Calendar


Version: 8.4
Last updated: 2 weeks ago
Active installations: 50,000+
Stars: 4.7

o: Insert booking from product page
o: 1 booking resource behind plans
o: Multi user functions
o: Hourly base management
o: Integration with payment

Booking calendar, Appointment Booking System


Version: 2.2.8
Last updated: 1 week ago
Active installations: 8,000+
Stars: 4.6


– Easy install and use
– Works great with all WordPress versions
– Fully Responsive
– Unlimited Forms and Extras
– Reservation Calendars in Widgets
– Ability to set days availability(Available, Booked, Unavailable) and Price
– Ability to change Date format, Week days format
– Ability to set Start Day of the week
– Ability to select Unavailable week days
– Ability to change days selection type(Multiple days or Single day selection)
– Ability to show/hide “Check in/Check out”, “Number of items”, Form and Extras titles
– Ability to send email notification to user and administrator after book request submited or approved
– Ability to send email notification to user after book request canceled or deleted(rejected)
– Ability to add unlimited text, checkbox, select and – – TextArea fields to the Form
– Filters for searching reservations
– Reservation single View
– Ability to set Multiple choice for select field
– Ability to set Required option for each field in form
– Ability to create unlimited Themes
– Ability to approve book request instantly
– Ability to set scroll offset
– Ability to change the currency and default texts
– Ability to Enable/Disable Terms & Conditions
– Ability to show day info on hover for widget
– Uses CSS3
– User friendly back-end
– Tested on popular WordPress themes


– Fully design customization
o Ability to book events by hours
– User permissions
o Ability to set day Marked Price
– Operation type(+/-) for Extra fields
– Price type(price/percent) for Extra fields
– Ability to change price and percent for Extra field
– Reservation Month View
– Ability to redirect visitor to a new page after submission
o Ability to add Information for users and administrators
– Ability to set Maximum width
– Ability to change font size, font weight and font style of elements
– Ability to set Info Border radius, default Year and Month, background color, all fields background colors, text colors


o Multi-User functionality
o Different values for different days of week
– Google ReCaptcha
o Ability to use Discount option depending on the days
– Minumum day(hour) value
– Maximum day(hour) value
o Ability to edit Reservations from admin panel
o Payment System
o Pay in cash functionality
o Integrated with PayPal

Good review

BEST purchase I have made this year
vilahotelbuh (@vilahotelbuh)

1 week, 5 days ago
I am 37 years old woman without too much technical knowledge. I own a family hotel and I have decided to take our website to the next level. I have been testing various plugins for months until I got to this one. After a couple of months of using
this free version, I have finally decided to upgrade to the Medium Business and I could not be happier. It is reading my mind and saving my time in the same time. It has everything I need in such a smart and easy way to use. I cannot thank you enough!
It is better than I was expecting.

Bad review

Terrible interface, SUper high learning curve
adabob (@adabob)

1 month ago
Terrible interface not intuitive and complicated videos that area all over the place, Plus the insane poor taste music they blast in the video adds nothing, could not find a basic what to do to get started there is far too much extra stuff to start with, I just wanted to add my available dates to a calendar but that is hidden

x: appointment-calendar

Last updated: 8 months ago
Active installations: 4,000+

WooCommerce Bookings

This can be purchased as a part of bundle

Changelog in 2018

2018-11-12 - version 1.12.2
* Tweak  - Add link to WordPress timezone settings.
* Tweak  - Performance improvement for Bookable products that contain many bookable blocks.
* Fix    - Datepicker in Edit Booking fixed to honor WordPress week start day.
* Fix    - My Account page shows bookings in the site's time zone, instead of the local time zone.
* Fix    - JS error in console when trying to save a product that's not a booking. Prevents saving.
* Tweak  - Prevent loading of availability on initial page load.
* Tweak  - PAO 3.0+ compatibilty.
* Fix    - Break after first application of custom rule on a booking block.
* Fix    - Rounding issue when manually creating a booking and generating an order.

2018-10-24 - version 1.12.1
* Fix    - Fix DST browser compatibility.

2018-10-16 - version 1.12.0
* Add    - Timezone conversion option.
* Add    - Button to clear expired In Cart bookings.
* Fix    - Fix ampersands for Google calendar integration.
* Fix    - Default to first available booking date snippet.
* Update - Switch to sass for css preprocessor.
* Update - PAO 3.0 compatibility.
* Update - WC 3.5 compatibility.

2018-08-14 - version 1.11.3
* Fix    - Display issue on compatibility with Product Add-Ons on product page.
* Fix    - Clarification for calendar days restriction.
* Fix    - JavaScript error for DatePicker in International Browsers.
* Fix    - Calendar (Day) View - datepicker doesn't respect WordPress localization.
* New    - Add hook to allow bypassing block availability checker
* Fix    - DatePicker not initially loading the correct month when not current month.
* Fix    - End date doesn't respect the `woocommerce_bookings_mdy_format` filter.

2018-05-23 - version 1.11.2
* Update - Privacy policy notification.
* Update - Export/erasure hooks added.
* Update - WC 3.4 compatibility.

2018-04-24 - version 1.11.1
* Fix    - Booking Reminder Emails: Same-day Bookings Contain The Text 'tomorrow'.
* Fix    - Calendar doesn't load the correct availability for different resources.
* Fix    - Calendar not finishing loading in wp-admin screens
* Fix    - JavaScript error for DatePicker in International Browsers.
* Fix    - The ajax endpoint should not return unavailable days for products of hour/minute duration types.
* Tweak  - Refactor `get_available_blocks` parameters.

2018-04-11 - version 1.11.0
* Add    - Bookings info in dashboard widget for new bookings (monthly) and bookings that require confirmation.
* Add    - Calendar Lazy load functionality.
* Fix    - Allow Person Types Max to be blank/null.
* Fix    - Billing details overwritten when assigning new manual booking to existing order purchased by guest.
* Fix    - Booking Person Discount coupon isn't computed in the Total.
* Fix    - Buffer period not blocking slots as expected.
* Fix    - Datepicker in admin calendar day view does not honor WordPress week start day.
* Fix    - Days before existing marked unavailable incorrectly.
* Fix    - Fix PHP notices by passing through the email parameter.
* Fix    - Out of Stock setting prevents adding the product to the cart.
* Fix    - Product price includes person cost with minimum set to 0.
* Fix    - Resource costs show up incorrectly for week blocks.
* Fix    - Validation messages not showing up with required addon fields and require confirmation.
* Fix    - Visual compatibility with product addons.
* Tweak  - Add filter to override how resource quantity takes precedence over product quantity.
* Tweak  - Compatibility with WooCommerce PIP.
* Tweak  - Could not add Booking ID to notification email, now you can.
* Tweak  - Introduced filter `woocommerce_bookings_calculated_booking_cost_success_output` to modify cost output.
* Tweak  - Show when month is fully booked.

2018-01-31 - version 1.10.12
* Fix    - Added fourth arg in Confirmation emails for actions.
* New    - Bookings data included in WooCommerce core import and export functionality.
* Add    - Added compatibility for Sequential Order Numbers Pro
* Fix    - Slots available after max available time.
* Fix    - Double check product exists before attempting to get_title().